Chalmette Refining – Your Partner in a Greener Tomorrow

Our Goal: To be a Top producer of Renewable Diesel Energy.
Soybean Oil, Corn Oil- even oil from area restaurants could be used to create non-fossil feedstocks!

June 2021

To invest in the next generation fuels, Chalmette Refining is retrofitting an out-of-service operating unit known as a hydrocracker with new technology to produce renewable diesel.  Our parent company, PBF Energy is making a $600 million capital investment in this project that includes construction of a pretreatment unit that will allow Chalmette Refining to create non-fossil feedstocks from soybean oil, corn oil and other biogenically derived fats and oils.

Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards called the project “innovative” and said it was, “right in line with the goals set out by the Climate Initiatives Task Force I created last year (2020).  With this major capital investment in a next-generation energy source and the creation of quality manufacturing jobs along the way, Louisiana would benefit from this project on many levels.”

Acknowledging the benefits of this Renewable Energy Project, St. Bernard Parish officials including the Sheriff’s Department, School System and Parish Government have all approved Chalmette Refining’s ITEP or Industrial Tax Exemption Program application. This state incentive, aimed at attracting investment in manufacturing, provides an 80% property tax abatement for the initial term of five years with some renewal options.

In addition to lessening our country’s reliance on fossil fuels,  Chalmette Refining estimates the project would create 20 new direct jobs at an average salary of $70,000, plus benefits. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project would result in 90 new indirect jobs for a total of 110 new jobs for St. Bernard Parish and the region.  The project is also expected to support 200 construction jobs and allow Chalmette Refining, the largest private employer in St. Bernard Parish, to retain 516 existing jobs at the facility.

“Chalmette Refining is an important asset to St. Bernard Parish and a pillar of our community,” says Executive Director Meaghan McCormack of the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation.  “We are grateful our parish’s largest private business employer is eager to continue investing here.“

“Renewable diesel comes with a number of benefits: it’s made of renewable resources, it burns clean and it works just like traditional diesel,” says President and CEO Michael Hecht of Greater New Orleans Inc.  “We are proud that our team has worked with Chalmette Refining, Louisiana Economic Development and elected officials over the past year to help bring this project to fruition, to bring investment, jobs and clean energy to St. Bernard and the region.”

PBF Energy Inc. is one of the largest independent refiners in North America.  In addition to its Louisiana facility, PBF operates two refineries in California and one each in Ohio, Delaware and New Jersey.

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